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Meet our It’s Up to Us ambassadors: Ross Cunningham

We’re excited to introduce another of our amazing It’s Up to Us campaign ambassadors, helping to save upland paths in Scotland. Ross Cunningham is a hillwalker, mental health ambassador and the founder of Mountains Mend Minds.

“I’m Ross, 37, a proud Fifer who has recently moved to the Orkney Islands for work. Hillwalking came into my life in August 2017 when my friend Megan somehow persuaded me to go Munro bagging with her one weekend when I had been struggling with my mental health, which had left me in a very dark place.

“Hillwalking gave me a focus, an activity which made me feel happier, and an environment where I felt comfortable to open up about how I was feeling to others. It’s no exaggeration to say it’s an activity that may have saved my life.

“Last year I ‘compleated’ the Munros and every weekend since August 2017 I’ve been out hiking around Scotland, mostly up hills and mountains, and it brings me a lot of happiness and peace. I feel very grateful to live in such a beautiful country with so many peaks to explore!

“I could not be more supportive of this campaign, which seeks to make our mountains more accessible and to protect the environment for future generations to enjoy. I would encourage anyone reading this to support this fundraiser so that more people can reap the wellbeing benefits of our great outdoors, just like I have been fortunate enough to do.”

To find out more and donate now, visit: www.savemountainpaths.scot

In partnership with the Outdoor Access Trust for Scotland

In partnership with the Outdoor Access Trust for Scotland