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Meet the It’s Up to Us ambassadors: Markus Stitz

It’s time to introduce another of our #ItsUptoUs campaign ambassadors!

This week, we asked Markus Stitz – author, filmmaker and founder Bikepacking Scotland – to tell us a little about himself, how he makes the most of time spent in the hills and why he supports our new campaign to #savemountainpaths in Scotland:

“My name is Markus Stitz. I wear a number of different heads and like to creatively jump between roles, but my main job is being the director of Bikepacking Scotland and book author. I have recently published two guidebooks – Great British Gravel Rides and Bikepacking Scotland – and have worked across Scotland to develop and promote cycling routes. While my main interest is in cycling, I am also an enthusiastic hillwalker and cross-country skier if the weather allows.

“My time in the hills is spent both for work and leisure. I prefer the solitude the hills offer, but also how much history there is in those landscapes we have on our doorstep in Scotland. A lot of my research for routes and books is done by tracing historic hill tracks and understanding how people moved long before cars and roads were a thing. I love reading old maps, and you will find me most excited if I have managed to retrace those steps on my bike. I am using my gravel bike most times to explore the hills, and I am not afraid to get off and push for a while, but sometimes there are routes I prefer to walk instead.

“I do think that we have great access to the outdoors in Scotland. Unlike in other countries I have travelled to, there aren’t any fees attached to outdoor access in Scotland, and in principle I think that is a great thing. I support the efforts of the It’s Up to Us campaign to raise funds for vital repairs of existing mountain paths to make sure that those routes can be enjoyed by future generations.”

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