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Meet the It’s Up to Us ambassadors: Ian Stewart

Ian Stewart

It’s time to meet another awesome #ItsUptoUs campaign ambassador, helping us to #SaveMountainPaths in Scotland!

Ian Stewart is the founder of Trail Running Scotland, a Mountaineering Instructor with more than ten years of experience delivering courses, not to mention a former member of the Mountain Safety Team at Mountaineering Scotland! He says:

“I have been fortunate to have spent the last 15 years working and playing in the mountains of Scotland. Originally as a mountaineering instructor this was often about visiting summits and iconic climbing routes, as well as training future leaders on their journeys into the industry.

“More recently this has been as a running guide and coach with my company Trail Running Scotland, where we are working hard towards the vision of a vibrant community of runners; connected through shared values of health, wellbeing, personal performance, and an appreciation of the wild places we choose to play in. We aim to do this by providing the highest quality of skills training and inspirational experiences.

“There is no doubt that the environment in which we run is fundamental to our enjoyment of the sport, both in terms of the things that we see around us, but also the trails under our feet.

“I am conscious of the potential conflict between encouraging and empowering people to participate and explore our wild places with the inevitable impact we then have. That is why I am so happy to support the It’s Up to Us campaign as it builds towards a sustainable model of funding to ensure that we are never involved in a conversation about there being too many people in the hills.”

Find out more, get involved and donate: www.savemountainpaths.scot

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