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Each week, we’re introducing you to one of the amazing ambassadors who are helping to #SaveMountainPaths in Scotland by supporting the #ItsUptoUs campaign.

Today, we’re hearing from Nav Bakhsh – a friend of Mountaineering Scotland, and someone we were delighted could join us at the Fort William Mountain Festival back in February.

We asked Nav to tell us a bit more about what he does and why he was excited to get onboard with the It’s Up to Us campaign:

“My name is Nav Bakhsh, I am 46 years old and am Co-Founder of @bootsandbeards (the Glasgow-based organisation who work with diverse communities to build bridges to the outdoors)

“I have been hillwalking for the past six years or so and can honestly it is the most enjoyable activity I look forward to every fortnight. Being born and bred in Scotland, I can say I am proud to be called Scottish, and proud of what Scotland has to offer. It is just beautiful, and I want to play my part in helping keeping it that way for the next generation to enjoy and also to be part off.

© Sandy Young Photography

“When I am walking, I cannot help but think of how small we humans are against some of the jaw dropping mountains we have as a backdrop. These mountains invite many people to come and explore, but over time things do get eroded and need to be looked after. That is why it was an honour to be asked to become an It’s Up To Us ambassador. Not only is this an honour but being also of Pakistani/ Muslim heritage, this is my way of taking time out and giving back to something which is so dear and valuable to me.

To find out more, get involved and donate, visit: www.savemountainpaths.scot

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